Numpty is a game for 2-5 people and simulates the workplace. Generally turning all the frustration and disappointment that can be related to one's job into basic fun.

Promote yourself to CE while blocking the careers of your friends!! Just when you think you have the top role, the numpty card pops up and you are left scrambling, career in tatters.

And there is always that little team activity of identifying the characters in your own workplace😊

We know that work life can be stressful and feel unrewarding.

We believe that laughter goes a long way in revitalising us, so we created Numpty as a way of coping with those days when the last thing you feel like is taking work life too seriously!!!

It is that perfect afterwork team activity.

Break the tension, have FUN!!!!!!

The Game

Propose your promotion in the boardroom and let your colleagues try their best to stop you.

And let's not forget, there are all those things you can do to their proposals!!!

Destroy their hopes

Block their attempts at promotion, remove one of the managers, steal their work and more.

... Or you can just fire them and make them start their career again.

The Restructure

We have all gone through that new Chief Executive whose immediate inclination is to restructure, often destroying all you have worked for!

The ultimate Numpty...

See game rules

Who we are .....

Our Numpty beliefs

Work life can be stressful and often seems unfair. The inevitable truth is not everyone seems to want to do a decent day’s work or play nicely. Personal agendas and basic stupidity impact our days.

We can let this get to us or take it in our stride, have a good laugh and keep doing what we believe to be right.

Numpty Games are a work hard, play hard group – and by play we mean enjoy ourselves while doing a decent day’s work.

We acknowledge that for every person we thought of as a numpty there were probably an equal number who thought we were numpties. This is just a fact of life!!

We would also like to confirm that no Numpties were injured in the making of this game – no matter how much we wanted to 😊

How Numpty was Born

The working stiffs of the group used to joke when something inexplicable happened at work, like when your manager wouldn't support new ideas for no other reason than "no one else has done it, it’s far too risky". Or when colleagues (or manager) would claim your teams work as their own and even get promoted for it.

We collected these events and after work would have a good laugh about them and would give them a nickname "Jellyfish" or "Thanks" and soon we would be saying "oh, no surprise there they just pulled the Jellyfish card". This was a great way to process the madness and relieve the tension that these events would build up.

We decided that this coping mechanism needs to be brought to life as anyone who has ever worked can relate to this human nonsense that goes on.

The Numpty Team - spread across Australia, New Zealand and the United States
Ian Smith - Editor in Chief Numpty

Ian is the dinosaur of the team and was working before the rest of the team was born. He has had many roles but settled in IT, mainly on the innovation side of things. Ian has worked with many numpties over the years and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say many have considered him to be in the high echelons of numptiness.

Felise Demchy - Media-type Numpty

Felise is the dedicated Overthinker of the team, a role she takes seriously! After completing a degree with some long title she dived into Office Life, working across a number of industries and roles. Most recently in IT which put her in her element, providing loads of things to overthink about. During this, she got to work with and for many a Numpty and occasionally got to be a Numpty herself. Though still training in the skill of Numpty has also taken up Circus training to be the first acrobatic Numpty!

Sam Haines - Test Wrangler Numpty

Little Samuel is our teams Numptiest Numpty. With his great claim to fame being that he once won a developer coding challenge by cheating! He comes from the wild South of New Zealand with a background in plaster board, somehow made his way into the IT industry and has hung out there ever since.

Kevin Stark - Art Director Numpty

Kevin is the easy going artist of the team. Starting out as a 3D architectural illustrator in South Africa, he went on to study game design at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating, he co-founded 3StrakGames, a US based indie video game studio. In his spare time, he is a bonsai enthusiast and amateur plant breeder.

Daniel Manthe - Audio Director Numpty

Daniel is an analytical thinker and musician, who spent his years after school teaching himself programming and sound design. He co-founded 3StrakGames, where he could make good use of both his passion for music and logical mind. When he is not working, he is a metal guitarist and competitive video game player.

Gareth Smith - Developer Numpty

Gareth studied IT at university in New Zealand and now spends his day as a developer in the numpty world. When not stuck behind his keyboard at work, Gareth's passion is gaming.